We will strive to create sustainable, profitable and
conservation-oriented tourism experiences around
the world that value and contribute to the interests
of the local communities and the environment.


Resorts Division

To form a globally recognized network of conservation-oriented, sustainable and lucrative tourism resorts in collaboration with local communities.

Management Services

To offer a full range of tourism management services to support existing and new tourism operations in reaching their full potential as conservation-oriented, sustainable and lucrative tourism experiences.


  • Respect: We are devoted to respectfully work with local communities and native people in all stages of our operations.
  • Capacity-Building: Capacity-building will be a crucial component of all key projects in the local community.
  • Value: We are keen on ensuring that our projects provide a fair and reasonable RTC (return to community) and ROI (return on investment) for all stakeholders, including shareholders, associates and local communities.
  • Honesty & Integrity: We will be fair in our dealings, afford every individual their due share, and treat everyone justly. We will be truthful, loyal, keep our promises, and maintain civility and respect.