Project Description

“Power To Be began in 1998 with an idea: help people living with a disability or barrier access nature. The idea grew into a community, connecting participants to adventures and supporters to opportunities, collectively redefining our definition of ability. Based in Victoria and Vancouver, we are a non-profit organization that empowers people to explore their limitless abilities through inclusive adventures rooted in nature. We believe finances shouldn’t prevent anyone from accessing nature, and we work to remove cognitive, physical and social barriers to the outdoors, supporting participants to explore who they are and what they are capable of with the support of our staff, volunteers and each other.”

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Project Updates

Spring 2017 – Legacy became involved with this remarkable program as a result of a friendship between Legacy’s Managing Director, John Caton and Tim Cormode, Power To Be Executive Director. Legacy has been tasked with helping to create the site master plan and providing consultation for the overall infrastructure development. Legacy has committed to providing this assistance with the majority of the work done on a pro bono basis.

John Caton and Bill Clark of Legacy last visited the Power To Be site in mid-April. The property is the former Prospect Lake Golf Course facility in Saanich, which has been generously leased to Power To Be on the basis of a one dollar lease for 25 years. John and Bill’s visit allowed them to see the property for the third time and has culminated in a draft master plan for the site. The plan will be presented to the Power To Be team in early June.

Project Photos