Project Description

In response to a request from the Lake Babine Nation in northern British Columbia and in partnership with KCD Consulting Incorporated, the Legacy Tourism Group reviewed the opportunities for the development of a tourism economy in the Lake Babine area as recommended in the Lake Babine Nation Regional Aboriginal Tourism Report and Strategic Recommendations and is moving forward with resort concepts and finance-ready business plans for identified potential tourism sites.

Project Updates

Fall 2018 – The Legacy Team is providing assistance with converting a newly purchased wilderness facility into a community culture and health retreat/programming site.  The team worked on the evaluation and potential uses for this site in previous work for LBN and will be planning and implementing the upgrades and changes required to support the community use of the facility.  John Caton, Rod Taylor, and Jim DeHart visited the site in late September with LBFN members and staff to confirm the proposed Master Plan and to explore funding sources for the project.  This is an exciting community project that will create a facility that will provide a venue for multiple user groups from both inside and outside the Lake Babine First Nation.

Fall 2016 – LTG members John Caton, Rod Taylor, Jim DeHart, Bill Clark and Keith Henry completed the detailed site inspection work for Phase II in September.  The four-day visit included surveying the region from the air and lake to assess road accessibility, servicing options, support services and sites of interest. This thorough site review will provide significant insight during the development of the Phase II information package for the Lake Babine First Nation later this fall.

Spring 2016 – The Legacy Tourism Group completed the first phase of a tourism concept development for the Lake Babine Nation in early June and work has now begun on the second phase including the detailed business planning for three distinct tourism businesses.

Lake Babine is the longest, natural freshwater Lake in British Columbia and is a spectacular area that includes the largest annual sockeye run in the world as well as one of the most famous rainbow trout fisheries in the world at “Rainbow Alley”.

Project Photos