“Castlemain engaged Legacy to assist with research into some specific aspects about the Aboriginal Tourism Market on one of our development reports.  They were prompt, very accessible and thorough during and after the engagement.  Legacy understands the tourism market very well, presents their finding clearly and has the requisite knowledge to easily be considered at the very top of subject matter experts in the country.  Legacy is passionate both in regard to the tourism market and in helping establish and continue to grow the aboriginal tourism market; this passion clearly transfers to the work and information they rely on and provide in their reporting.”

Graham Wood, The Castlemain Group

“In my working relationship with the Legacy Tourism Group, I have been impressed with the quality of work for a respectable price. Their knowledge of the market is invaluable. Moreover, I view the individuals in high regard professionally as experts who can produce quality documents, studies, plans that are presentable to Banks and/or Investors. There is also a respect that I appreciate in their demeanor and understanding of Indigenous issues, having lived experiences to guide their conduct. From my work with the Legacy Tourism Group, I will be seeking their services for another project, and I would highly recommend their expertise in moving forward in the Tourism Business.”

Russell Ross, Chief of Yunesit’in Government

“Working with your team of professional and expert advisors has given us the confidence and assurance that we are considering all the relevant and significant factors and implications of our development. Without your help, we would be ill-equipped to explore the benefits and develop the mitigating strategies to overcome our capacity gaps. Your reporting to our Council has been very respectful, open and interactive and I know that was greatly appreciated.”

Angie Charlebois, Economic Development Officer, Champagne and Aishihik First Nations

“As a member of the community culture and tourism planning committee I have seen first-hand the effort that not only this company has put forward but more than anything how their senior team and ownership have gotten involved directly in our projects. These people care about the service they provide, they care about the impact that their recommendations will have on a community, on a business, on the future of the people and of course on the investment that in this scenario the leadership is making and it has made a difference in the ability to gain support for the recommendations that they are providing. They are also very respectful of the culture and working with the Elders and understand the challenges found in Indigenous communities as well as the key protocols that must be followed.”

Robert Bernard, Operations Manager, Wagmatcook Culture & Heritage Centre, Culture & Tourism Planner, Wagmatcook First Nation